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At See A Dentist Now we are committed to providing
only the best information to our visitors regarding low
cost and free dental work. We have dedicated
ourselves to helping people with low or average
income to find quality dental services at more
affordable prices than the higher priced dental options.
We offer information for people at a variety of income
levels, ages brackets and geographical locations.

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Insure the Poor
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  • ... I lost count years ago regarding the number of emails I receive from people in need of financial help not only for dental care but other issues as well - medical, mortgage, etc. Take a moment to visit and let me know you think! It is work in progress and will grow over time. offers a grant similar to It is free money so please take a moment to visit the site.
  • Straight Talk - Dental PLUS Blog ... I decided to start a dental plus blog. The blog is focused on dental care but also addresses other life challenges.

Looking for an affordable dentist or medical doctor in your area? Consider my directory which contains both dental clinics and medical clinics. The direcotry contains thousands of dentists and medical doctors. If you feel you are unable to afford basic dental or medical care, you might be surprised! I have personally encountered many great dentists over the years.

Affordable dental care - words of encouragement. I hear from hundreds if not thousands of people each month with dental, health and financial concerns. I read each email and typically respond with words of encouragement. I want to let everyone know that somebody cares and that you are not alone! You have come to a site with friends regardless of your situation.

Insure the Poor

I have been working on finding insurance providers offering AUTO and HEALTH insurance for the less fortunate. My auto insurance shot through the roof after a ticket and I surely didn't have the money to pay for it! Unfortunately, I am not the only person in this situation. If you or a friend need AFFORDABLE auto, health or life insurance, I encourage you to visit for an instant quote. I would like to personally thank EVERYONE for their kind words!

Looking for good information on health care? Visit Free Affordable Health Care! This is my site, and I plan to list all kinds of affordable health solutions over time. I recently started the site and will add more and more content over time.

Dental Freebies

Many companies contact us to offer countless products at discount. Some of the offers are better than others, but they are still great discounts of some sort. If you would like to added to the list of freebies, please submit your email address using the following:

Dental Grants

GREAT NEWS! We have secured a corporate sponsor to provide free money for basic dental care. This is free money and at the end of each month, I will pick a winner. The winner will receive a check to be used for any dental or medical needs. The money can be used for anything dental related! For more information, click here.

PLEASE check your emails. We issue grants to issue dental grants and do not hear back from the winners. Please check your emails daily/weekly.


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